Mountain Biking Skills Courses

A solid foundation for riding fun

It is not only novices who will benefit from skills training, even seasoned mountain bikers can learn from it. Good riding technique is a basic requirement for travelling safely on uneven ground. Our three-hour skills coaching courses teach participants all the important skills that make a good mountain biker. The primary focus is on balance: those who can balance well on a mountain bike will cope with most situations on the trail without problems. Participants can test their own skills and prepare for specific situations with our qualified MTB guides at our skills coaching facility.
The better a rider’s individual technique, the more fun they will have on the trails as they suddenly find themselves mastering seemingly tricky situations in style.

Our Mountain Biking Skills Courses

Modular courses for all levels of ability

Our mountain bike courses take place at our dedicated skills coaching facility, which is ideal for practising a wide variety of different riding techniques. Steps, see-saws, and our own unique apparatuses for drilling skills such as balance create the perfect environment for practising challenging trail techniques. A variety of trails and lift facilities start directly from the training ground, so that newly learned skills can be tested straight away. With proper training, descents become twice as fun.

Skills Coaching Levels


Mountain bike skills » L1

Athletic mountain bike beginners (not for complete novices)
An introduction to the basics of mountain bike technique. Not yet fully familiar with MTB technique and want to know what the best body position is for you? Already ridden your bike on alpine terrain, have a good level of fitness, but still feel unsafe tackling roots, rollers, and small drop-offs? Then this course is the right one for you.


Mountain bike skills » L2

Advanced skills for riding singletrack
Consolidate basic technique and learn additional skills. When on mountain bike tours in challenging terrain, do you regularly encounter gravel trails, forest paths, and singletrack as well as steep climbs and descents? Have you already ridden your bike a lot in the mountains, but up to now have avoided routes that are very technically demanding? Then enrol yourself in our L2 course.


Mountain bike skills » L3

Riding on narrow, in places very gnarly trails and paths
Improve and expand your terrain skills. Are your bike tours specifically planned to include challenging singletrack, steps, switchbacks, and drop-offs? Enjoy difficult climbs and downhill, but are still insecure on some sections? Want to be able to float off big drops and try out new techniques such as wheelies? Then this course is right for you!


Mountain bike skills » L4

Specialist course for progressing to expert level
Hone existing skills and learn new ones. Is your goal to ride through challenging terrain or technically difficult trail sections in complete control? Want to learn how to wheelie, jump over roots and rocks, or turn your rear wheel 180° when riding switchbacks? Then our L4 course is perfect for you.

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