The first section of this trail is the same as that of the famous Sellaronda HERO course

Ebike-Sellaronda Uphill Flow

Electric Mountain Bike – Super Weapon

More than just a bike
Think e-bikes are only for lazy urban dwellers? Think again! Modern e-bikes are pieces of highly specialised sports apparatus and have even gained a successful foothold in alpine areas. We, too, never want to be without our hybrid bikes again, since they allow us to cope with both extreme climbs and steep descents that would otherwise be the sole privilege of only the most experienced riders. They are ideal vehicles for mountain bike lovers with good technique who find little time for training in their everyday work and family lives. And what’s more, e-bikes allow you to cover long distances and many vertical metres, enabling the enjoyment of wonderful tours in the Dolomites as a result. Why miss out?

E-Bike-Sellaronda Uphill Flow

Discover the most beautiful Dolomite passes on an e-bike
Today we become e-bike heroes! The first section of this trail is the same as that of the famous Sellaronda HERO course. We will be able to experience what the Sellaronda HERO athletes go through, only with the difference that we will cover the route on e-bikes. We set out from Selva Gardena/Wolkenstein (1,500 m) and journey up to Dantercepies (2,200 m): a total of 6 km with an elevation gain of 700 m! From here, we descend to Chalet Gerard, partly on forest paths and partly on singletrack. The journey continues to the Sella Pass – Gardena Pass junction, from where we ride on the car-free mountain pass road up to the Sella Pass. The Dolomites are a unique natural environment, and here we will be able to enjoy this to the full! Once we reach the Passo Sella Mountain Resort, we will ride through the “Stone City” on rocky paths and on to the famous Comici Hut a few kilometres further ahead. After a short break, the ride continues in the direction of Monte Pana. The route will take us across the legendary Saslong World Cup course and then take us back to our starting point, Piazza Nives, via La Selva.

  • Lenght: 60 km

  • Altitude range: 767 m

  • Total climb: 2.930 m

  • Total descent: 2.930 m

  • Duration: from 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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