Trail Hunt Knödeljagd

Hunt the dumpling!


Did you know that in German, a scavenger hunt is called a Schnitzeljagd (lit. ‘Schnitzel hunt’)? However, during this unusual team race along mountain bike and enduro trails in the Dolomites you won’t hunt for Schnitzel, but for dumplings – called Knödel in German. With spectacular views of the Sella, Sassolungo and Marmolada along the route, the objective is to complete various tasks in order to stay on the trail of the giant golden dumpling. The race demands a good deal of each participating two-person team: trail expertise, tactical skill and excellent orienteering, but above all, good humour. The team that finds all the checkpoints and completes every task will be crowned Knödel Champions. The Dolomites around the Sella massif and the majestic Marmolada make up for all the hard work with some special trail highlights. And in the evening, the big Knödel Party gets into full swing.

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